Web Development

On the internet of today, a successful website needs much more than just static content. Even the most well designed and visually appealing websites must regularly update their content in order to attract new and existing visitors as well as ensure that their site remains relevant and highly ranked by all major search engines.

Social media plays a crucial role in how businesses are interacting with their customers. Having a dynamic link between a business’ social media account and its website is an enormous time-saver. It eliminates the “copy-paste” work which the business would otherwise have to do each time a post is made in order to keep their site and social media in sync with one another. This not only keeps a websites’ users engaged, but also helps boost its discoverability through the constant addition of new dynamic content.

Likewise, businesses running online shops need to be able to regularly add new items to their stores and update stock amounts in an easy, efficient and non-intrusive way. Store content needs to be as dynamic as the business itself, able to add and change its content on demand to meet the needs of the business without requiring a complete redesign or re-coding of major site sections.

Thankfully, the development and maintenance costs associated with this level of flexibility and the dynamic nature of modern websites have dropped significantly with the advent of Content Management Systems (CMS). These frameworks allow for any website owner to update their site easily, without a steep learning curve.

Our development team’s mission is not just to build your website but also to provide simple and easy to digest training on how to maintain your new website’s content. We provide cheat-sheets to help you remember and are always available to assist if you get stuck. We are happiest when we see our clients making regular updates to their site (we mentor our clients in the most efficient and effective ways to easily maintain regular updates), driving more and more traffic, bringing them more and more success.