Websites built and maintained for local businesses or non-profit organisations.

The Gabrials
Uptime (30days)%
Avg Resp. Time (24hrs)ms
Preparing to celebrate their true love, this adorable couple needed a simple way to track RSVPs for their wedding as well as keep their guests informed about time and place, all while expressing their own unique style. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding guys!

Uptime (30days)100.000%
Avg Resp. Time (24hrs)1768.500ms
A public foray into private journaling. The author wishes to remain anonymous in their journey of self discovery and growth. Key requirements were a clean, lightweight, and stylish design.

The Street Canteen
Uptime (30days)0.000%
Avg Resp. Time (24hrs)0ms
A series of cafes located in various Hospitals and Universities across Sydney. Custom requirements included:
  • Variable list of available products based on selected location
  • Custom email notification destinations based on selected location
  • Integration with external email system for site notifications
  • Integration with external invoicing and accounting software
  • Migration of all historical emails across several inboxes to more scalable third-party email provider

Jessica Phoebe Hanna
Uptime (30days)100.000%
Avg Resp. Time (24hrs)1228.000ms
An extremely talented director, film maker, and actor. Very much like Jessica herself, Jessica's creative works are a rare combination of being both remarkably stunning and refreshingly thought-provoking at the same time. The focus for this job was entirely around the user experience - every detail from the styling to the animation was carefully refined to fit Jessica's requirements.

The Vitamins Shoppe
Uptime (30days)99.989%
Avg Resp. Time (24hrs)264.500ms
A local pharmacy selling thousands of products. Custom requirements included:
  • Custom category of restricted products (anonymous users cannot purchase or view prices)
  • Customers automatically assigned a more privileged role once they complete a questionnaire
  • Only customers elevated to a privileged role are able to view prices and purchase restricted products
  • Custom logic prompting customers to create accounts and complete questionnaire on restricted pages
  • Social Media login for customers
  • Bulk import of several thousand disparate products from various sources into the same platform

Your Coptic Family
Uptime (30days)100.000%
Avg Resp. Time (24hrs)1916.500ms
Community-based non-profit group which organises regular outings and weekend family conferences to aid young families. Website handles the collection of tens of thousands of dollars in conference registration fees every year.
  • Integration with Google Sheets for parallel, on-site live registration processing
  • Custom Google Apps Script web application written to handle collection of child health data and signing in and out of children from the care of onsite child minding volunteers

Dural Rugby Club
Uptime (30days)99.984%
Avg Resp. Time (24hrs)2335.000ms
Local rugby club needing a place to store historical posts by the admin team as well as photos over many years of operation. Custom requirements included:
  • Custom integration of Social Media feeds into multiple landing / home pages
  • Custom plugin to allow on-the-fly processing of images uploaded to a directory via FTP

CDC Private Certifiers
Uptime (30days)100.000%
Avg Resp. Time (24hrs)930.500ms
A local building certification and inspection team who pride themselves on making the certification experience extremely easy for owners, builders, and for the community. Their team can help with residential matters for DA approval or CDC development.

Montessori Learning Tree
Uptime (30days)99.849%
Avg Resp. Time (24hrs)3007.500ms
A unique and thriving childcare centre focusing on providing a quality early childhood education through a nurturing play-based learning environment with the involvement of families and the community.

Property Funding Solutions
Uptime (30days)100.000%
Avg Resp. Time (24hrs)2801.000ms
A family property business established in 2015 and focused on providing a mentoring service to clients to ensure that they have a firm understanding of the property investment process and how to best secure their future.

Shantana Building Supplies
Uptime (30days)100.000%
Avg Resp. Time (24hrs)1305.500ms
A local building and landscaping supplier looking to improve the reach of their business and grow their customer base to surrounding suburbs and beyond.

Sydney Wide Turf
Uptime (30days)100.000%
Avg Resp. Time (24hrs)1547.500ms
A web presence for a local turf provider to improve the reach of their business and grow their customer base through regular posts about how best to improve the look of their lawn.

Crazy Unicorns
Uptime (30days)100.000%
Avg Resp. Time (24hrs)2127.500ms
A small nook online for a special group of kids to talk about their favourite topic - unicorns!

Web Applications

Web applications built from the ground up to solve a particular niche problem space or as a learning activity

Planning Pirate
Uptime (30days)100.000%
Avg Resp. Time (24hrs)151.500ms
Anonymous event planning application designed to centralise ideas and votes for group outing times and places. Use case is to use this central reference rather than disjointed messages in a group conversation