User Experience

User Experience (UX) is often confused with the Graphical or Visual Design of a website. While it is true that the visuals and aesthetic appeal of a website are extremely important, there is much more to UX than just the visuals. A website could look incredible, but if its users are unable to easily find and navigate to the page they want, then the website has failed to perform its primary objective – to serve content which the user wants.

A website’s UX is all about its users. The placement and layout of menus and site-navigation should feel instinctive to the user, not hidden or frustrating. The amount of content on the site must be balanced with enough space to keep the site from feeling too crowded or too sparse. Colours must suit the theme of the site and remain consistent throughout. Images and animations cannot be too jarring, distract a user from the content, or be so intense that the site becomes sluggish.

Businesses who have websites with poor UX end up causing quite a bit of damage to their brand and frustrating their users. Our designers work closely with both you and with our development team to ensure that your website’s UX feels natural and downright pleasant. Once the site has been built, they will provide you with design guidelines and helpful tips to ensure that any new content or changes to the site will still fit nicely with its design and flow. You worked hard to build your business and your brand – your users should see an accurate reflection of that work instead of navigating away to a competitor out of frustration.